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Work out the System

A work management system should be taking work out of the system

As the Head of Product at Tasq, I can say that building a truly transformational product is a team effort. Building something like Tasq is only accomplished with a true team (Maybe the subject of a future article) but we have it and we can scale it. With the team we spend a lot of time thinking about the future of work. Working on work...

We are rethinking what work management actually means. It should be smart and allow for effortless improvement. I can confidently say work management is far different than most of workflows out there. If it’s been that way since you started and/or your gut feeling tells you the workflow is creating “more” work, it most definitely is. A work management system should be taking work out of the system, a line I stole from Tasq CEO, friend, avid outdoorsman.

I’ve seen this pattern in Technology over the years. A new “solution” or fancy platform gets released, and more work is created by the new system. Another screen was created to check, and another email or instant message (read: slack) is flooding my phone in what should have been an email or discussion at stand-up. Tasq doesn’t fall into this category and isn’t a “new” way to harass you at 9pm when your colleague has a “quick question”. Tasq integrates all your data with the goal of utilization and providing recommendations to the user. It learns from previous Tasqs, prioritizes high value jobs and brings users context, removing the manual search from the system. Below is an animation I think highlights this difference. Tasq uncovers the solutions so you can action them.

No system would be complete without evaluating Action Effectiveness. At Tasq we aim to shine a light into the dark corner of "machine learning", and highlight the effectiveness of actions, front and center. Once users understand and trust the system, only then can they be comfortable letting it take work out.

Adopting the best technology should be easy but don’t take my word for it. Catch up with Wes using the link here and learn more or ask about a hiking trail!

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