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My Thermostat Has Better Performance Tracking than Operations

"I can't see jack shit!"- Field Manager

Tired of making decisions on perception? I hope so- because I am tired of watching it!

Without tracking you make decisions based on perception from word of mouth and your own bias from work experiences. The problem is you don't have the quality data needed for tracking performance and likely don't know its impact.

Performance tracking leads to the right questions and guides the direction of your company:

  • Outstanding work tickets: Does the backlog have high ROI value?
  • Cycle time of work tickets: Is there value in reducing the time it takes to action issues?
  • Recurring failures: What is causing us to rework the same issue?
  • Field deferment: Are we improving our base operations?
  • Work effectiveness: What work is "working" and what should we stop doing?
  • Jobs done each day: What jobs can be handled remotely vs on site? What skills do we need to develop for our staff?

Whatever you manage- you need performance tracking

Tracking work unlocks performance improvements. Without tracking how do you expect to get where you want to go?

Tasq can measure action effectiveness. With this you see the performance of work and can begin to improve- How can we be more effective in our compressor restarts and why do we keep dropping soap sticks!?

Tasg uses ML to measure well performance. With this, daily deferment shows field level insights- Why do the routes in red have abnormally high deferment percent? What are we doing on route 4 that we can learn and apply to other routes?

Performance tracking on Tasqs work ticketing module leads to thoughtful questions-Do I need to bring in a contractor force to help with the large maintenance deferment? Why are automation jobs taking so long!?

We all want to be more effective but do we have the right information to do so? I don't think managers are set up for success with the perception based operation of a field. We are in the age of data and we should be running our fields better than word of mouth and summary production plots.

If you want to understand your fields performance then call Tasq- we get Ops.

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