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The Most Intelligent What

A good product should provide instant value and be intuitive to use. A great one should “just work.” But what's the best like

A good product should provide instant value and be intuitive to use. A great product should “just work.” A transformational product should transform users' minds positively.

There are a few of these products that instantly come to mind. The easiest to think of are physical products. The car for instance and Henry Ford's famous quote -” if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” (More to that story here).

It’s harder though to think of truly transformational platforms or software products. I could argue the spreadsheet which gave database-like offerings to the masses is one. Besides that most of the slacks, zooms, trellos, and asanas of the world are what I would say good/great products (depending on their latest feature release - it’s hit or miss). They add value and "just work", but haven’t changed my mind about anything. It’s another screen to login and another password to remember. Zapier could come close and certainly has opened up APIs to marketing teams (still to be determined if this change is positive…).

Adopting the best technology should almost be effortless. Tasq accomplishes this by using a host of integration drivers so ingestion can happen smoothly and quickly. We’ve also constructed the platform to enable your whole organization to have engagement with the system if they want - as opposed to a cost per seat or license based approach. Work management is an organization initiative and should encourage everyone to have visibility. Finally, tools should help the user make updates to the machine learning models, give feedback, and adjust quickly to unique situations without the need to call in a “power user”.    

Creating the most intelligent work management system is something that will fall into the industry disruptive category, and already has. Summarizing a client call in which we heard -  this is changing our process without evening thinking about it.

In the next article, I’ll talk about our methodology and product future at Tasq in more detail. Not to leave you waiting on a commercial break however, I believe it starts with addressing a “real problem”. These come from working it inside out. Late nights building your own makeshift systems in a job or problem sphere, just to get through the next week, And still knowing you are leaving value on the table because the problem still exists. When you’ve done the work to understand the problem you’re trying to solve, and just as importantly what you aren’t solving, something special happens. It also has the benefit of letting you dive into early adopter feedback and not getting distracted by their wants or specific needs. This keeps you from building a faster horse and on trajectory to disrupt. That is where the transformation happens - positively.

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